Axe Launching a Graphic Novel

Axe, the producer of men’s grooming products, has decided to dip it’s toes in the comic book world.  They’re promoting Axe Anarchy through a video and already it’s getting them into some trouble.

The story is set to start on Jan. 10 and run through April 30 and Axe is reaching out on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for story suggestions, and that gets us to the trouble.  One suggestion “a hot policeman should go rogue and join the Anarchy Girls,” hasn’t been met with the best reception.

AdWeek described this crowdsourced story with:

It’s the first crowdsourced soft-porn fantasy adventure in comic format!” proclaimed the publication as it criticizes Axe for its objectification of women.  Of course, it’s possible the fans might actually come up with something good. Possible, but unlikely.

Why aren’t we seeing more of this from publishers?  Watch the video below.