Action Lab Partners With Vamplets, Nightmare Nursery Debuting in 2013!

Action Lab Entertainment has announced a partnership with the makers of the popular line of plush unhuman babies known as Vamplets to create a series of comic books in 2013.

Making their official release of their Nightmare Nursery at the 2012 Comic-Con International, the huggable, loveable, deathable, plush diapered demons, vampires and werewolf babies have developed a cult following among girls, teens and women as suggested by their 65,000 Facebook fans and long lines of fans at their convention exhibits.

Action Lab will be creating comics based on the characters written by creator G-Ra (Gayle Middleton). The Vamplets series will reveal stories about a very unfortunate teenage girl who is tricked into becoming the Vamplets’ nanny and finds herself transported into a vast, decidedly undead world of Gloomvania.

Expect to see the series Spring 2013.