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The Dark Knight Stops Rising, Drops to Third

Dark Knight Rises Teaser PosterTwo movies kicked The Dark Knight Rises from it’s perch at top of the box office. The movie in it’s third week dropped to third place behind two new movies, The Bourne Legacy and The Campaign. The fourth Bourne film opened in first place with $40,265,000, The Campaign was the runner up with $27,440,000 and The Dark Knight Rises added $19,540,000 to it’s total.

The Dark Knight Rises dropped 45 percent and brought it’s domestic total to $390.2 million. It needs another $17 million to move into the second place for the year.

The movie with a $250 million budget has earned $835 million globally.

There’s a chance the movie will get some more legs behind it, but it’ll probably come up short of The Dark Knight, putting it in second place as far Batman movie earnings.