Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day, what’s everyone getting?

Around the Blogs:

Chud – Joss Whedon Signs For The Avengers 2 -Nice.

Spinoff Online – Hulk TV Pilot Is Just Waiting For Writer, Guillermo Del Toro TeasesI want this to happen so bad.

MTV Geek – BBC To Make Documentary On Aurora Tragedy With Unfortunate Title ‘The Batman Shootings’ This seems like a horrible idea and beyond exploitative.

Bleeding Cool – Scenes Revealing Bane’s Origins Were Cut From The Dark Knight Rises -Could be interesting.

Kotaku – The Justice League Can’t Fight Their Way Out of This Terrible Video Game – Another game I don’t need to play.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

ComicVine – Archer and Armstrong #1

ICv2 – Battle Beasts #1

IGN – Gambit #1

Electronic Infatada – Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me

Comics Alliance – Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer

Poisoned Rationality – Polterguys Volume 1