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Dark Knight Rises Stays On Top

Dark Knight Rises Teaser PosterThe Dark Knight Rises was able to stay at the top of the box office this weekend beating out the remake Total Recall, which came in below expectations.  The Dark Knight Rises earned another $36.4 million compared to Recall‘s anemic $26 million. That $26 million was better than the $25.5 million the original brought in (but adjusted for inflation would be less) and is on the lower end of studio predictions.

Dark Knight Rises, from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, fell only 41 percent in its third weekend and has now grossed $354.6 million domestically. The movie continues to trail The Dark Knight, which had amassed a domestic war chest of $393 million at the same point in time.

Imax theaters continue to see big grosses for Dark Knight Rises, generating $5.6 million in tickets sales over the weekend for a total of $48 million.

Domestic ticket sales were down 25 percent from the same weekend last year. The research firm NRG has been warning studios that 20 percent of the moviegoing audience are “skittish” after the Aurora shooting and 16 percent reported they would be watching the Olympics this weekend which might explain the slow down at the box office.