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Star Bright and the Looking Glass by Jonathan Luna in November

Star Bright and the Looking Glass is Jonathan Luna‘s first solo creator-owned work after wrapping up The Sword (with brother Joshua Luna). In Star Bright, to be published in November by Image Comics, Luna departs from his superhero and science fiction comics, and works in the dreamy, fantasy-tinged aesthetic of his fine artwork to create a tale of beauty, vanity, and friendship.

Star Bright and the Looking Glass tells the story of a wild young woman who discovers her own beauty when she finds a mirror in her forest home. The awakening of Star Bright’s consciousness of her own loveliness also opens her heart to vanity. But when a wicked sorceress steals Star Bright’s beauty Star Bright will learn from her woodland animal friends what the true virtues in life are.

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson lauded Luna’s dedication to growing as an artist.

Jonathan Luna, along with his brother Joshua, have been doing amazing work at Image Comics for almost a decade now, but I’m still always amazed by their commitment to moving forward as artists and trying new things as storytellers,” said Stephenson. “Jonathan’s first solo project is wonderfully unique, and one of the most interesting projects he’s brought to us yet.

Star Bright and the Looking Glass is a 72-page 9 x 12″ hardcover storybook with full-color artwork for all ages. It will be in stores in November and available for pre-order in the August issue of Previews.

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