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Lots of News from Gen Manga

GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. has announced a new publishing deal with Editora Abril for distribution in Brazil. Under the guidance of GEN Manga’s exclusive publishing and licensing agent in Brazil, Angelotti Licensing, Portuguese language versions of GEN Manga’s titles will start hitting the shelves in Brazil this summer. GEN Manga bills itself as, “America’s #1 source for original underground Japanese manga!” The stories are created by elusive doujin creators in Japan’s secret underground circles and are published by nobody else in the world.

The Editora Abril deal covers all of GEN Manga’s stories to-date, including Wolf; Vs. Aliens; Kamen; Souls; Sorako, Alive; Good-Bye Geist; Let’s Eat Ramen; Anomal; Stones of Power; One Is Enough; and Android Angels.

Wolf a 448 pages, black and white manga for $4.99) is now available along with GEN 13. GEN is giving away a short preview version of the GEN 13 for free this month! So any visitor to can download something for free, too. Yay, free manga!

The thirteenth issue debuts a new story, Psycho.

In a post-apocalyptic future, after nuclear war has destroyed much of the world, Japan has once again closed its borders to the outside world. Again living in isolation, the Japanese people have begun to develop strange mutations. These mutations became commonly known as moryo, a name once given to the grotesque goblins of ancient Japan. These moryo at first were harmless, but they became worse, eventually developing into man-eating beasts and other monstrous forms. Hunters known as exterminators roam the land ridding humanity of these foul mutants. This is the story of one of these killers, a man known only as Psycho.

Android Angels (new story arc), One is Enough (Boy’s Love), Stones of Power (new story arc), Anomal (yokai), and Alive are also continued in GEN 13!