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SDCC 2012 – This Walking Sexual Harassment Qualifies as Press?

This year San Diego Comic-Con tightened their press access and made it much more difficult to obtain “press” passes. While some sites were issued blanket passes they filled later, other legitimate sites were denied (*cough* us *cough*) and had to find other ways to get access to the convention, like a “professional” badge. That’s why this is so interesting.

SimplePickUp  and Project Go is a website that for $5 a month allows individuals to see videos and learn secrets about picking women up. From their website:

Whether you’re a frustrated virgin or a seasoned veteran, there’s something to learn from watching how we pick up girls.

Well, they were at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Here’s the video….

While there’s definitely funny moments, I’m baffled how this qualifies as press? There’s no coverage of the convention, only acts that demean and degrade women.

In an industry struggling with how it depicts women and minorities, and finds gender disparity at many positions, I find it hard to swallow how this behavior would be allowed, let alone credentialed.

I checked the video a bit, and checking my professional pass this year and my press pass last year, it sure does look like a press pass, actually make that two since the camera man would need one too. I think those who do the credentialing have some explaining to do.


  • Oh for god’s sake… :(

  • The pick-up site coulda faked their credentials. Lying gets you laid, right?

  • Because they have a press pass doesn’t necessarily mean they registered under that name. You mentioned you got a professional badge after not being able to get a press badge…he could have done the same thing. You should ask the people at comic con