Nine Titles are Ending Paving the Way for Marvel NOW!

As reported by CBR, nine Marvel titles are ending according to October solicitations to pave way for their Marvel NOW! initiative. Captain America, Fantastic Four, FF, Incredible Hulk, Invincible Iron Man, New Mutants, The Mighty Thor, Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Legacy are all ending, none of these are shockers and most will be replaced by number ones more than likely.

What’s funny is these quotes from Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso (the underlines are added by me):

I feel that it’s a much more humane approach for retailers and fans to tell them: ‘Look. In the months of October through February, every week you can go into a comic book store and find a few new jumping-on points for the Marvel Universe, a place you’re going to like visiting. Or revisiting.

Marvel NOW! starts with the creators, so don’t expect writer shake-ups across the line by the fourth or fifth issue, or half the titles to get cancelled and replaced by a new #1. We aren’t throwing $#!# at a wall, seeing what falls off and then replacing it with more $#!#. [Laughs] We’re building books we expect to last.

So, don’t expect creative shake-ups, cancellations and number ones like this Marvel initiative which starts cancels numerous series starts at number one and shakes-up creative teams? Isn’t this a case of “don’t look behind the curtain”?

Bets on how long before the first cancellation or creative team shake-up?