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Viz Debuts Jiu Jiu

Want to read a fantasy story with romantic intrigue about a teenage girl’s deepening bond with two wolf shapeshifters?  Then Viz Media has you covered with the demon-hunting romantic fantasy of Touya Tobina‘s shojo manga series Jiu Jiu which comes out July 3rd.  The series will be published under the company’s Shojo Beat imprint and rated “T+” for $9.99.

From the release:

JIU JIU is an intriguing new series that offers a strong combination of romantic drama, supernatural action, and humor centering on the deepening bonds between a girl and two wolf shapeshifters,” says Annette Roman, Editor. “Growing up in a family of demon hunters isn’t easy. Things become more complicated when the pair of cute wolf pups grow up into her bodyguards, learn to shift into (hot!) human form, and decide to follow their mistress to school. Don’t miss this new rhapsody of swords, fangs and romance from Shojo Beat this summer!