Pick of the Week – The Walking Dead #99

You thought everyone would be talking about that “Before” comic this summer?  Well, you’re wrong, the most buzzed about series right now is The Walking Dead and it’s continued surge and growth due to it’s successful conversion of television fans into comic book fans.  It’s impressive.  But sure enough, what I think a good chunk of people will talk about is this issue that leads into the big 100 mark.  The series is seeing a resurgence that can’t be missed.

  • The Walking Dead #99 – see above
  • Saga #4 – Brian K. Vaughn has a sci-fi roller coaster on his hands and I’m loving ride.
  • Ghostbusters #10 – What can you do with the team after so many issues and movies that’s original?  Take them on the road of course.
  • Grim Leaper #2 – It’s like Pushing Daisies, cute and so much fun.
  • The Secret History of D.B. Cooper #4 – The series is over the top crazy and so entertaining.