SLG Publishing Assists with Silicon Valley Benefit Music Collection

SLG Publishing Assists With Charity Music Compilation for Silicon Valley Charity

SAN JOSE, CA – June 13th 2012 –  RadioActiveSJ, a group of San Jose, Ca.,-based music-related businesses, is releasing a benefit album titled The Sound of Her Voice, a compilation of original music by Northern California bands and artists that features female vocalists. Profits from the compilation will be donated to InnVision, a nonprofit organization  that is the leading providers of housing and services for homeless and at-risk families and individuals in Silicon Valley.

Sound of Her voice cover by Terry Fan

Ed Maxwell, of Local Bay Area Music, brought together this diverse group of business owners and individuals working to benefit both the Bay Area music scene and the community as a whole to form RadioActiveSJ. “RadioActiveSJ started from the desire to combine promotion of the local music scene with community events and charities,” said Maxwell, who donates his time to Bay Area musicians by running Local Bay Area Music, a Facebook page that serves as a clearinghouse for bands and venues alike. “The Sound of Her Voice not only provides support to one of the Bay Area’s best charities (InnVision), but it also showcases the incredible and diverse talents of many of the bands that make up the local music ecosystem.”

Dan Vado, whose’s art gallery in downtown San Jose serves as a part-time music venue for local bands, felt that the current times demand action on the part of businesses and artists. “Sometimes it feels like everyone is waiting for big brother to come and take care of all of society’s ills,” said Vado, who teams up with the San Jose Downtown Association every year to produce Zombie-O-Rama, a zombie walk that doubles as a food drive for local food banks. “Things only get better when the average person gets motivated and makes things happen in whatever way they can, and The Sound of Her Voice is just one small way some very motivated people can contribute to a great charity.”

InnVision CEO Christine Burroughs welcomes an alliance with RadioActiveSJ. “We are thrilled to partner with this amazing group of local artists and RadioActiveSJ,” Burroughs said.  “Local support is critical for the work InnVision does for homeless and at-risk families and individuals, and when our community comes together in such a creative and exciting way, our staff, volunteers, and clients are re-energized to end homelessness in Silicon Valley.”

The Sound of Her Voice features twenty songs by twenty different bands who all feature female vocalists. They are:

Girl Named T – This is All I’ll Ever Be
k.flay – So Fast, So Maybe
Kiwi Time – Believe Me
Cartoon Bar Fight – The Valley
Trash*Pop Icons – Baby It’s You
Ghost Town Jenny – Twin Heart
The SHE’s – Before It’s Gone
Sugar Water Purple – Bring Change
Loquat – Spiral Stairs or Escalators
Brooke D.- Drifter
Seeking Empire – Fairytale
The Corner Laughers – Transamerica Pyramid
Lia Rose – The Last Mountain
Cadent – What You’ve Created
The Wild Reeds – Dewdrops
Survival Guide – One To One
Doe Eye – I  Hate You
goodbye Gadget – Some Of This
Vida Killz – Untitled
Ash Reiter – Ishi

“What’s impressive isn’t just how many great Bay Area bands there are that have female leads in them,” said Lia Datla, who hosts Blacklight Findings on San Jose State’s student radio. “But that it was so easy to find these talented women; we could probably have gotten twenty more!”

The Sound of Her Voice will be initially released digitally via Bandcamp and can be downloaded at The cost of the download is $10 for the entire collection or 50¢ per track, and the profits will be donated to InnVision. The Sound of Her Voice will be released as a CD in the fall and debuted at several concerts and festivals throughout the Bay Area.

About Radioactive SJ

RadioActiveSJ is a group of locally-based music industry professionals who are donating their time to enhance both the quality of the music industry and life in the Bay Area.

RadioActiveSJ is composed of:
Ed Maxwell (Local Bay Area Music),
Barbara Wahli (Barb Rocks),
Kendall Sallay (Cartoon Bar Fight),
Amulya Datla (Blacklight Findings)
Dan Vado (SLG Publishing Art Boutiki & Gallery)

About InnVision:
InnVision the Way Home is the leading provider of housing and services for homeless and at-risk families and individuals in Silicon Valley, serving more than 25,000 men, women, children, veterans, and the mentally ill each year. InnVision has 39 years of demonstrated experience in successfully helping clients break the cycle of homelessness, operating 25 sites and providing 190,000 nights of housing and 425,000 meals each year. By empowering homeless people to gain the stability and skills necessary to reach independent living, InnVision meets both the emergency and longer-term needs of the homeless and at-risk in our community.

Disclaimer: The content, lyrics and ideas of each song on The Sound of Her Voice are those of the song’s authors and do not reflect the views of InnVision or RadioActiveSJ. InnVision is this album’s beneficiary and recipient of all profits, but did not participate in the selection of artists or tracks.

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