Library Pulls Alan Moore’s Neonomicon. Think About the Children!

Think about the children!  A South Carolina library has pulled two copies of Alan Moore‘s Neonomicon from it’s shelves pending a review after a parent complained their child checked it out and it contained pornographic pictures.  The book was in the “adult section” of the library but children over the age of 13 can check out items from that section with a parent’s permission.  The mother even looked at the book before her kid checked it out.  From a CBS 7 article:

It looked like a child’s book.  I flipped through it, and thought it was ok for her to check out.

Right there, I think you lose your right to complain.  The mother continues:

“I really think if they’re going to carry this type of material there needs to be a rating on it,”  Gaske says.  “There’s ratings on movies, music, video games.  My daughter cannot go to the video game store and get a mature video game without me there.”

And right there, her argument goes out the window, because as she admits, she was there, she was present, she did ok her daughter checking out the book.

The library has defended the book saying they’ve never had a rating system and it’s up to the parent to decide what’s appropriate for their children.  For now two books have been pulled pending a review.  The mother has filed a complaint.

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