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Japanese Illustrator Offers His Own Penis as a Meal

File this under “what the fuck.”  In April, Japanese illustrator Mao Sugiyama decided to offer up a very special meal, his own penis, testicles and scrotum.  Yes, that’s right, the illustrator’s surgically removed genitals.  Five diners (the sixth didn’t show) paid the equivalent of $250 for the ability to partake while 70 people attended and observed.

The 22 year old Sugiyama considers himself asexual and doesn’t identify as he or she.  I licensed chef helped the illustrator prepare the meal which was served with Italian parsley and garnished with button mushrooms.

Cannibalism is not illegal in Japan but health officials are investigating the event to see if any food hygiene laws were broken.  The sponsor of the event has said none were.

I could make a joke that I’m shocked it could feed the six intended people, but I’ll hold back.  Though, with all of the latest news of zombie attacks and cannibalism, I can’t say I’m shocked about this story at all.

CalorieLab has numerous more photos of the event including the meal.  It’s very NSFW to warn you.

(via Kotaku)

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