The First Gay DC Character – Except all the Ones That Came (Out) Before

News sources have been running with the story broke on Bleeding Cool that a previously “straight” DC comic book character would come out as “gay.”  That lead to the expected flurry of coverage…

Zap 2 It – Gay DC comics character will be a previously straight character

DiDio says they are about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and now will be “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

Seattle Pi – DC Comics Character to Come Out As Gay

The gay DC superhero won’t be the first gay comic book character. In 2010, Archie Comics introduced gay student Kevin Keller, who later got married. Marvel Comics will reportedly feature the first gay superhero wedding between Northstar and his boyfriend in next month’s issue of Astonishing X-Men.

Huffington Post – DC Comics’ Gay Superhero In The Works: Publisher Dan DiDio Hints At Established Character’s Coming Out

Now comics fans and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere is abuzz with news that a major DC Comics character will “come out” in a future issue.But also some incorrect coverage…

And then there’s the folks that didn’t quite get their facts straight.

Web Pro News – Gay DC Character Headed to the Comic Book Universe

This isn’t the first time that DC had dabbled with delivering gay comic book characters to the masses. After going back to the drawing board with the “New 52″, the company released books featuring Batwoman as a lesbian and Voodoo as a bisexual.

Examiner – Gay DC character: Comics superhero ‘comes out of closet’

The first ever DC Comics gay character was the buzz at the Kapow Comic Convention in London last weekend.

For the record, this ISN’T the first gay character in the DC universe and gays being present isn’t anything new.  Scandal Savage, Batwoman and Renee Montoya are just a few examples of prominent gay characters who were around well before the recent reboot.  A simple Google search turns up the numerous characters