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What We Learned From TechCrunch About comiXology (and Marvel)

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Image via CrunchBase

The news broke this morning that single Marvel comics would be exclusively available only at comiXology.  This has been the way it’s been for quite a while but cements the deal for years to come.  Marvel and comiXology took the time to talk to TechCrunch about the deal and revealed some interesting information not in the release:

  • Over 65 million issues have been downloaded on comiXology.  – In January they said the number was 50 million so in 4 months that’s 15 million books or about 3.75 million comics a month.  The Comic Chronicles reports that sales estimates for print books in April was about 6.1 million copies.  So, the digital market is a little over half of print as far as units.
  • In quarter one comiXology experienced 450% growth compared to the year before.  Comparatively Marvel saw about 16 percent growth during the same period in print.  With that type of growth, how long before digital overtakes print in volume?
  • 10 percent of print buyers redeem the digital codes.

Why is this deal between the two companies important?  With Amazon grabbing some graphic novel sales and Apple moving into subscription sales with their Newsstand and iBookstore, this cuts off any attempts buy either to sell single issue of Marvel comics.  That’s a pretty big deal that ensure comiXology will continue to see growth for quite some time.

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