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The Debut of the Sensational G-Girl


America’s newest costumed heroine makes her debut in CHAMPIONS #55! Her name is Billi Jayne Jensen, but she’s better known as the SENSATIONAL G-GIRL. She’s strong, tough, and agile, and she’s the newest member of Heroic Publishing’s flagship superhero team, THE LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS.

In Champions #55, ahead of the long-awaited debut of her own comic book title, the SENSATIONAL G-GIRL makes a special preview appearance! In this issue, America’s newest costumed heroine and her mysterious sidekick, the marvelous “MUCHACHO G” face down the challenge of the sinister SPIDERBABY in a spectacular championship wrestling match brought to you by writer Terrance Griep and artist Gaetano Petrigno.

Champions #55, featuring the debut of the Sensational G-Girl, doesn’t actually go on sale until June 6. But the electronic edition of this sensational new comic book from Heroic Publishing will soon be available in PDF format on the Heroic Publishing website, at, and also from DriveThruComics,, and A Kindle edition of Champions #55 will also soon be available from Amazon.

Comic book retailers interested in carrying physical copies of Champions #55 and other upcoming Heroic Publishing titles should register for a retail account with the online Heroic Distribution service, at Heroic Publishing titles are distributed exclusively through Heroic Distribution.