Around the Tubes

Everyone is still buzzing over the amazing debut of The Avengers, what does everyone think of it’s record setting weekend?

Around the Blogs:

The ComiChron – Full April 2012 comics sales estimates online – Some good news.

The Washington Post – ‘The Avengers’: Good, evil and politicsAn interesting read.

The Mary Sue – Terminally Illin’: A Graphic Novel About a 20-Something Battling CancerGo and support this!

The Mary Sue – The Pentagon Snubbed The Avengers Because They Didn’t Know Who Was in Charge — Them or S.H.I.E.L.D.I was wondering about this.

Comicsgirl – Alison Bechdel at Politics & ProseI should of gone, but midnight Avengers was calling my name.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

CBR – Animal Man #9

CBR – Wolverine & The X-Men: Alpha & Omega #5

MTV Geek – Free Comic Book Day Reviews: Buffy, The Guild, DC’s New 52, and Way More

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