People Already Lining Up for Free Comic Book Day in Comic Book City USA

Photo via Acme Comics

As of about 1:30 p.m., a customer took his place as the first customer in line for the Acme Comics Free Comic Book Day in Greensboro North Carolina.  Their festivities begins tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Last year Acme became the first location to record fans camping out overnight for FCBD, and that was about 10pm.  Looks like people are pretty excited, beating last years early bird time by 8.5 hours.

This is the kind of excitement for comics that prompted their City Council to declare Greensboro “Comic Book City USA.”

They will be posting pictures all weekend by Twitter account: @LordRetail

The man camped out is High Point North Carolina fire fighter Clark Sellars.  High Point is 15 miles from Greensboro.