Marvel’s The Avengers Augmented Reality App

Marvel‘s going crazy when it comes to incorporating technology, especially augmented reality, into the entertainment they produce.  The latest involves the Avengers which hits theaters May 4.  There’s a free iPhone and Android augmented reality app that improves the more you shop.  Marvel and Walmart worked with Super Hero AR for the experience.  You can choose six super heroes and fight enemies overlaid on top of the real world around you.  You start with just Hawkeye and need to visit Walmart to get other heroes like The Hulk or Iron Man by pointing your phone at a QR Code in the store.

But there’s more… In Walmart there’s superhero placards and when you point your phone at them a life-size version of the hero will pop up on the screen.  You can then snap a photo and share it to social networks.

Walmart will be carrying around 600 different movie tie-in products, so it makes sense why the two companies are driving traffic to those stores and the app is exclusive to the controversial chain.  There’s also a T-Mobile promotion at the stores were employees will demonstrate the app on Android phones.

Marvel launched Marvel AR last month which uses augmented reality in their comic books.

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