New Creator-Owned Publishing Imprint, “Small Batch Comics” Launches


Kansas City, Mo. April 16, 2012 – New comic book publishing imprint opens its doors to publish the work of first time creators:

Straight from the ever-expanding comic book proletariat, comes a brand new opportunity for independent comic creators: Small Batch Comics. Created as a home for new comic creators to showcase their work, Small Batch Comics now joins the ongoing movement in the comic culture to help push creator-owned content straight from unknown contemporary artists, into the hands of readers.

“I strongly believe that creator-owned titles are the renaissance the medium desperately needs right now in order to survive and truly evolve,” said Small Batch Comics’ founder, Jonathan Duran. “Now that technology has made interaction, collaboration and world-wide discourse so manageable, we should inevitably expect comic books as a medium to benefit from this instantly accessible pool of people, information and tools.”

It could be said that Small Batch comics is the first Socialist collective in the medium; a publisher with a political, ethical and communal stake in the medium itself. Originally, with the creation of r/ComicBookCollabs, Small Batch’s main goal was to cultivate a community which focused on creating new comics via an online classified section for first time, burgeoning creators of all stripes. By combining a social networking backbone and more traditional, independent publishing, Small Batch Comics has made it easier than ever for first time creators to jump into the game. 2012 has often been referred to as ‘the year of the creator,’ and Small Batch plans to do their part to see that conjecture become a reality by helping amateur, undiscovered talent publish their work.

Small Batch Comics will offer an outlet for creators which includes a print and digital distribution method with full editorial services, all of which feed into the goal of helping first time creators create. “It has been said time and again; the way you break into comics is by making comics,” observes Duran, “The very specific phrasing, of having to ‘break in’, is vile to me; the fact that you have to break in to anything means that someone is actively trying to keep you out – art should not work this way. This is an opportunity for independent creative minds to articulate whatever they’d like, without filter; to say things that are volatile, poetic and subversive. By utilizing the resources freely available to us all we will usurp traditional publishing methods and create truly independent comics with authenticity, honesty and conscience – and in turn, take an active part in democratizing the medium and pushing it more into the hands of the masses.”

Small Batch Comics is currently seeking additional contributors for their first release; an anthology project titled “Batch #1”, which will showcase many new and innovative voices. Small Batch has also launched an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign, to ensure larger scale distribution and creator recompense. Please find more details at

Small Batch Comics allows creators to retain 100% ownership of their projects and properties. All Small Batch comics will be released under creator specified Creative Commons Licenses.