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Flare Returns In 2012

Comics’ shining goddess of light returns in May in the first of an all-new series of comic book adventures!

  FLARE #40 is coming hot off the presses! And if you’re not lucky enough to shop at Lone Star Comics in Texas, or at Minneapolis’s Comic Book College, or at Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls, Iowa, there’s only one way you’re going to be able to get your hands on this brand-new issue.

Visit the Heroic Publishing website, at, and order your copy of FLARE #40 today!

Retailers, too, can place discounted bulk orders for FLARE #40, as well as for the entire range of Heroic Publishing titles, by registering for an account with the Heroic Distribution webservice, at

This brand-new, 40th issue of FLARE shines the spotlight on our glittering heroine’s police officer boyfriend, LUCAS MADISON. When Flare’s arch-enemy, naughty NYX, the Olympian goddess of night, decides she wants hunky Lucas for herself, and recruits help from APHRODITE in order to get him, how in the world is a mere mortal ever going to be able to resist the mind-altering potions of the Olympian goddess of love?

This brand-new 40th issue of FLARE also features the return of one of Flare’s classic artist, GORDON PURCELL. Gordon was the artist who defined Flare’s look, and was most identified with her during her most recent run of issues, starting with FLARE #20 and continuing through FLARE #35. This time around, Gordon is on tap for an extended run on FLARE, including the upcoming “Quest for Lady Arcane” storyline scheduled to run simultaneously in FLARE and WITCHGIRLS INC, and an all-new “Challenge of the Gods” sequence that will culminate with a double-sized anniversary issue in FLARE #50.

It was FLARE who redefined the way costumed heroines are treated in mainstream comics. It was FLARE who proved that a strong, independent female character can carry a solo title all on her own.

Now she’s back!

Look for FLARE #40 in May, FLARE #41 in August, FLARE #42 in November, and a new issue of FLARE every two months thereafter.

Copies of this special issue of FLARE are not being distributed through normal comic book distribution channels. FLARE #40 is available only through select retailers, and by special order from the Heroic Publishing website at

Comic book retailers interested in carrying this and other popular Heroic Publishing titles such as Champions, Murcielaga She-Bat, and Liberty Girl should contact Heroic Publishing directly, and register online for a retail account with the Heroic Distribution comic book service.

For more information on Heroic Publishing comic book titles, visit the Heroic Publishing website at

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