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Preview – Turning Tiger: Special Edition


Writer: Richmond Clements
Art: Alex Moore
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Alex Moore with Jim Campbell

Publisher: Arcana Studios
Diamond Order Code: FEB120740
Release Date: April 25th, 2012
Pages: 58 Pages Total, 44 Strip Pages
Price: $7.99

A top secret US military robot goes rogue and collides with the world of a suburban

American family. Turning Tiger brings a tale of explosive action, government conspiracies,

and above all, family. But why has the robot chosen this family and their daughter in

particular? All will be revealed!


About Richmond Clements

Richmond Clements is the father of two wonderful boys and lives in the Scottish Highlands with his partner Vicky Stonebridge, with whom he co-organizes HiEx: The Highland International Comic Expo. As well as writing Turning Tiger, and between bouts on his beloved X-Box, he is an editor for FutureQuake Press and writer of the forthcoming Graphic Novels Ketsueki, Corvus and Pinkerton. For more from Richmond visit:


About Alex Moore

Currently studying illustration at Middlesex University, Alex’s artwork has featured in Orang Utan Comics’ FTL anthology. She is currently working on Liberty, a graphic novel for Markosia. Her influences include Juanjo Guarnido, Adrian Alphonsa, and Fabio Moon. For more on Alex visit her blog:


About Renegade Arts Entertainment

We are a creator owned publisher of comic books, but only a few and we are very discerning with our choices. Our mix so far has been from experienced A-list writers and artists and newer blood who pitched projects just too good to turn down.

Some of our projects have come from within Renegade itself, like Alan Grant and Shane Oakley’s Channel Evil and Alexander Finbow and William Simpson’s Shades Of Grey. We only publish comic books that our creators are 100% passionate about and all of us at Renegade believe are of the highest quality. For more information, please visit us at

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