Flare Adventures #31 Is Here!

Official Press Release


Only eighteen years late, and twenty-four years after it started, it’s the thrilling conclusion to the extended storyline that began in the very first issue of FLARE!

Classic Flare artist, MARK PROPST, has returned for Flare’s “Farewell to the City of Angels,” the all-new adventure that brings together Flare, Lady Arcane, the savage Tigress, and the sinister Thugmaster in a wrap-up of all the various overarching plot threads that two decades ago ran through the first series of comic books featuring the adventures of comics’ shining goddess of the light.

There are still a few untold stories that date from that period in our heroine’s life, most notably an unexpected visit from that unrepentant little sneak thief, ICICLE, that we’ll eventually get around to telling you about. And there is a gap between this adventure and the sequence of stories that began in Flare v3 #1. But for the time being, this brings us full circle. The Flare Adventures title goes on the shelf for a while. And the regular Flare comic book returns in two months with new adventures that take place today!

Catch the preview of Flare Adventures #31 at www.heroicpub.com/heroicpub/previews/fa31.php.

And get a sneak peek at Flare #40 at www.heroicpub.com/heroicpub/previews/fl40.php.

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