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Unpublished Dick Giordano Artwork Set for League of Champions #14


Did you know that before his untimely passing, comic book great Dick Giordano was on tap to be the regular artist for Heroic Publishing’s Tigress character? In addition to the stories that appeared in Tales of the Champions #4, Flare #35, and Champions #40, there exist two more Giordano-drawn Tigress tales. The first of these, an eight-page team-up between the Tigress and Heroic’s mystic hero, Doctor Arcane, has been scheduled for League of Champions #14, with a tentative release date of June, 2012.

The remaining Giordano Tigress tale has not yet been scheduled, but will most likely appear either in an upcoming issue of Heroic’s flagship Champions title, or in an issue of a revived Tigress solo magazine.

A preview of the Tigress/Doctor Arcane adventure can be seen on the Heroic Publishing website at

Heroic Publishing’s line of comic book titles, including Flare, Champions, Liberty Girl, Murcielaga She-Bat, and Roy Thomas’s Alter Ego, are not distributed through normal comic book distribution channels. Retailers interested in carrying this and other Heroic Publishing titles should visit the Heroic Distribution website and register for a retail account at

For more information on Heroic Publishing comic book titles, visit the Heroic Publishing website at

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