Tomorow is the Iowa Caucus… What Superhero Would the Candidates Be?

Tomorrow is the Iowa Caucus, the first official vote of the 2012 Presidential campaign.  Leading up to it a rather ambitious young man decided to hit the candidates with some hard questions.  If they could be any super hero, who would they be?

Mitt Romney – Superman
Rick Santorum – Mr. Incredible
Herman Cain – Superman
Jon Huntsman – Spider-Man
Ron Paul – refused to play the game
Rick Perry – Superman
Newt Gingrich – Superman

I have to give nerd cred points to Huntsman, the man seemed like he could go a while about why he liked Spider-Man, though he also mentioned Batman.  As far as interacting, Newt comes off as human, not just willing to give an answer, but also listen to the kid’s.  Paul I can only picture yelling “get off my lawn.”


  • John Huntsman gets major points for this.

  • And all of the Republican candidates except for Huntsman, Paul and Santorum are disqualified because Superman is not a natural born citizen of the United States and cannot run for President…You could also make a case for Peter Parker not being old enough to run since he sort of hovers around 27 these days but MY Peter Parker is in his early forties so I will let this slide.