Around the Tubes

Just a few days left of the year and we’re putting together our “best of” awards.  Who walks out as publisher of the year?  Find out January 1st.

Around the Blogs:

The Guardian – Ker-pow! Women kick back against comic-book sexismOnly women can really solve the issue of women in comics.

Comics Alliance – Kevin Wada Takes the X-Men and More into the World of High-Fashion [Art]Some nice art.

Mashable – Pirates Like Vin Diesel: Top 10 Illegally Shared Movies of 2011 – Only Thor makes the top ten here.


Around the Tubes Reviews:

Novel Report – Avatar: The Last Airbender Volume 1 The Promise Part 1 TPB

Comic Book Movie – Black Fire

Falcata Times – The Boys Vol. 9: Big Ride

ICv2 – The Innocent

Complex – Review: Two Issues Of “Captain America” Close Out A Great Year For Comics