Here Comes the Sensational G-Girl!

Official Press Release


America’s newest costumed heroine makes her long-awaited debut in March in the pages of a special preview issue of Heroic Publishing’s flagship CHAMPIONS title.

CHAMPIONS #55 features a special preview adventure of THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, a few months in advance of the late spring/early summer release of her own quarterly magazine-sized comic book title. In Champions #55, in all all-new tale by Terrance Griep Jr and Italy’s Gaetano Petrigno, the sensational G-Girl volunteers for a charity wrestling match and finds herself “In the Grip of the Sinister Spider-Baby.”

This story is of particular interest because it pits the fictional G-Girl against a very real opponent. Tommy “the Spider-Baby” Saturday is in fact the professional wrestling nom du guerre of writer Terrance Griep! On the Minneapolis wrestling circuit, the Spider-Baby is a heel (a bad guy in pro wrestling terms), a tag-team champion, and openly gay, just like Griep. After starting as an “out” commentator for the local indie federation, the Spider-Baby become a force in the local pro wrestling community. But the Spider-Baby’s success isn’t about sexuality or his efforts to bring wrestling out of the Neolithic age, it’s about Griep’s talents in and out of the ring. He’s a heel in the best way, getting heat and hate from the crowd for his nefarious actions, not because he likes to kiss guys. Sure, this sense of openness and fun hasn’t spread to the big boys at the WWE, but tons of pro wrestling innovations have come out of Minnesota in the past, and the Spiderbaby is another one that could catch on nationwide.

In the story in Champions #55, when the League of Champions is approached about the idea of doing a charity wrestling match, their newest member, Billi Jayne Jensen, the Sensational G-Girl, volunteers for the job. Even though she has no wrestling experience, she’s pretty sure she can take on the Spider-Baby and win, because she’s not only really, really strong and tough, she also thinks she has a secret weapon.

Trouble is, nobody’s bothered to tell the G-Girl that the Spider-Baby is as gay as a goose.

THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL makes her debut in March 2012 in the pages of Champions #55, with the first issue of her own comics magazine to follow later in the spring or early summer of 2012.

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