Cyber Monday – Try Kickstarter

Many folks will be spending today trying to snatch up deals online.  While you’re thinking of some interesting gifts to give this holiday season, how about some fine comics being promoted through Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that allows creators to promote their projects and receive pledges to help fund them.  For a pledge there’s usually neat incentives, like autographed comics or t-shirts, to even getting a character designed to look like you.

Well, this Cyber Monday, here’s three projects that are worth your support:


This graphic novel by Alex de Campi & Jimmy Broxton is 19 days out from it’s funding attempt and $3,500 to go.  The description is what really sold me.

A disturbed 15-year-old boy reaches out through the internet to two former heroes… but he doesn’t want their help. He wants them dead.

Ashes is a bullet ride through the brain of a dystopian Britain into the dark heart of the American psyche. As soldier Rupert Cain and journalist Katie Shah are reunited five years after they brought down a government, punishment — from an unexpected source — looms for that good deed. Chased from London’s CCTV-bristling streets to the Home Counties, they are finally brought to ground by an acquaintance’s betrayal and dragged off to an army base in a high-sierra American wasteland. Their only way out is through the mind of a twisted teenager… providing they can also escape his father.

Recommended level – $30 – a limited edition hardback copy


Occupy Comics

With a whose who list of creators, this cool comic project does some social good too.  Any money raised will be donated to the Occupy Movement, helping purchase goods to get it through the winter.  The donations will occur right away, but the comic won’t see print until 2012.

The comic is over goal with 10 days to go.

Recommended level – $10 – you get a digital copy of every comic to be released through this project.



The story just sounds cool….

Tanked takes place 45 days in the future when the world has abruptly run out of gasoline. The story follows three characters as they struggle to cope with a burgeoning apocalypse in small town USA.

Tanked is unique in that you see regular people cope with the apocalypse as it happens. You aren’t coming into the fictional world 20 or 30 years after the nukes have gone off or after the zombies have risen from their graves. I’ve made the characters as real as possible, to make them as much like you, the reader, to convey the most shock.

Um, yes please….  There’s also some preview pages on the project page that show off the art is as cool as the plot.

Recommended level – $10 – an autographed copy of the comic and your name listed in the thank you section.

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