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The Walking Dead Is a Monster in Ratings and Online

Sunday’s premiere of the second season of The Walking Dead just crushed it in both ratings and social online interaction.  The 90 minute episode broke a basic cable record with more than 4.8 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic and 7.3 million total viewers.

The television show also rocked in social online interaction.  These stats and graphs are provided by Mashable:

The GetGlue check ins increased seven fold to almost 43,000 people.  The social engagement online didn’t end there.  Bluefin reports via Mashable that there was 82,000 social media comments from 57,000 different people.  The show skews slightly male with 53.5% of the social TV engagement was from men vs. 46.5% women.

The show response was positive online with 74.6% of comments positive, 12.1% negative and 13.3% neutral.  There were two peaks for comments, at 9pm when the show began and 10:30 when the first airing ended.  The Walking Dead outpaced Modern Family, The New Girl and Terra Nova and was only second to the NFL when it came to social activity.

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