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Preview – The Show Must Go On TPB


Written by Roger Langridge
Drawn by Roger Langridge
SC, 128pgs, FC, SRP: $14.99
ISBN13: 9781608860913
Diamond Code: JUN110962

Harvey Award Winner Roger Langridge has been lauded for his work on THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK, THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER, and his groundbreaking FRED THE CLOWN. This month while you are checking out his new KABOOM! series SNARKED, make sure you grab this collection of Langridge’s best, uncollected works. So come one, come all! Feast your eyes upon such marvels as Fred the Clown’s Flying Parsnip! See the Devil get outfoxed by the one and only Leppo! Behold the world’s greatest swordsman, the Kabuki Kid! Cower from our strobe-light-loving Undead Revue! Don’t miss the show-stopping song and dance of Frankenstein Meets Shirley Temple! All this and the first time all of his MUGWHUMP strips have been compiled under one cover! Don’t miss this capricious collection of uncollected comics from Roger Langridge!”