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Around the Tubes

It’s Sunday and that means Graphic Policy radio tonight!  Make sure to listen in and give us a call and tell us what you think about DC’s latest releases and more.  While you wait for the show to start, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Attackerman – Schism: In Which X-Men Conscript Child SoldiersOne opinion on Marvel’s “X” event.  Find out ours tonight.

Panels on Pages – In Defense Of… Catwoman #1 and Sexy Female Comic Characters – A lot I agree with here and a lot I don’t, but a great argument from the other side of the “Catwoman” hubbub.

Hi-Desert Star – From Captain America to the Walking Dead – Hopefully we’ll see more of this as comics get more and more attention.

Con Coverage:

Detroit News – Fanfare draws thousands of comic book lovers to Detroit

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Financial Times – Habibi

Bleeding Cool – DC Through The Eyes Of A Marvel Zombie: Bats, Cats And Chicks by Heather Kenealy

Comics Alliance – Cartoonist (and Non-Superhero Reader) Carolyn Main Reviews the ‘New 52,’ Part 2

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