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Friday Flashback Review: Habibi

With most of the world powers at odds today with their citizens, the ugly head of “nationalism”, has creeped its way into most of the world’s conscience. As it has become increasingly more difficult, to tell whether a person’s good intentions can be separated from their political ideology, the world now mostly has ignored those less fortunate. Where once the world’s most powerful countries, were asked more often, whether they should intervene, most earliest in anyone’s mind who is living now, is America was going to intervene in World War II, it was never a question, “if”, but a question “when”.  The harsh truth is that world lacks the most basic of human characteristics, empathy.

The current xenophobia plaguing the ecosphere truly disregards the words left under the feet of the Statue of Liberty and attempts to invalidate immigrants and their descendants. It also leaves those who are refugees that have been persecuted, hunted, maligned and invalidated by the countries they came from, as now most of the Western world, is no longer a place for safe harbor. This is the very reason, why especially the Western world, should at least try and understand why people leave their homeland and why those flee when living there becomes unbearable. So, when I heard about Craig Thompson‘s epic story of two former slaves, Habibi, I was not only drawn to the art and premise but found it to be necessary reading into today day ad time.

In this story, we meet Dodola and Zam, two refugee child slaves, in a world stuck in time, where harems still exist, slavery is a common as buying stocks and anyone who is a woman or who possesses melanin, are devalued and considered less than a man. We follow these characters from toddlers to young adults, as the suffer and fight through a life of hurt for both. When the world becomes too much, they find comfort in each other, alleviating each other’s pain and sacrificing for each other, at times, to their own detriment, for shelter and sustenance. By the end of this epic, your heart more than embraces these characters, you wish for their prosperity, as the life they have lived would break most people, but makes these two stronger.

Overall, a story that affected me in the heartfelt of ways, as living in today’s climate, and being the son of immigrants, I hope and have been taught to be empathetic to those less fortunate, but as the book shows me, there is definite room for improvement. The story by Craig Thompson is masterfully told, meticulously detailed, and well-researched in Islam and Third world culture. The art by Craig Thompson is too much for words, as his sequential art is both beautiful and surreal, as there are times when it feels like a dream. Altogether, a book that proves necessary reading when love for your fellow man has become a rarity.

Story: Craig Thompson Art: Craig Thompson
Story: 10 Art:10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy NOW!!!

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The weekend is here, yay!  Now, some news you might have missed to keep you busy during the day.

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It’s a new week, but with a long weekend, there’s still a whole day to relax!  Here’s some articles for you to read during your day off.

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It’s a new week and you probably missed last nights great episode of Graphic Policy radio.  You should absolutely check out the archived episodes, and while you do that, here’s the news you might have missed.

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It’s Sunday and that means Graphic Policy radio tonight!  Make sure to listen in and give us a call and tell us what you think about DC’s latest releases and more.  While you wait for the show to start, here’s the news you might have missed.

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It’s the weekend yay!  Did you hear we have  a radio show tomorrow?  Well, we do.  Until then, here’s the news you might have missed and we’ve got tons throughout the day.

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Today Books MSNBC – Gay characters take center stage in comic booksGreat to see this get some mainstream coverage.

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The weekend is here!  Yay!  There’s no convention for me to go to, so what should I do with my time?  Thoughts?  While you come up with some ideas, here’s some news to keep you buys.

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It’s a new Wednesday and that means a new release of number ones from DC comics.  You’ll probably want to get to your local comic book shop, there’s a good chance there’ll be a rush for these as well.  While you wait for your comic book shop to open up, here’s the news you might have missed.

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Spandexless – SPX Pulls: What Had Happened Was… I and III, Domitille Collardey

CBLDF – HABIBI by Craig Thompson, SPX Exclusive Edition

CBLDF – SPX Raises $12,500 for CBLDF!

Spandexless – SPX Pulls: Luci’s Let Down, Marjee Chmiel & Sandra Lanz

Publishers Weekly – Small Press Expo Gets Bigger Despite Earthquake

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IGN – American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #4

Publishers Weekly – Comics Reviews: August 2011

The CBLDF At SPX 2011!

Official Press Release

SPX 2011 Is Here!

The 2011 Small Press Expo  kicks off on Saturday and the CBLDF will be there with an extremely limited advance premiere edition of Craig Thompson’s Habibi, the launch of Sara Varon’s Bake Sale, a special benefit appearance by Roz Chast, and an incredible auction featuring original art by Charles Vess, Tony Millionaire, Roger Langridge, Dean Haspiel, Jessica Abel and many more.  Read on for all the details!

Craig Thompson Launches Habibi At SPX
With 100 Copy Limited Preview Edition
Auction for Lunch with Craig & #1/100 Habibi Ends Tonight!

CBLDF is delighted to launch Craig Thompson’s highly anticipated new graphic novel, Habibi, during SPX 2011. You can get one of 100 signed and numbered advance copies of this gorgeous book during the show! CBLDF is also auctioning an exclusive lunch with Thompson.  Bid on the lunch & book now – bidding ends tonight!

SPX 11: Jeff Alexander Memorial Auction Preview

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the organizers of SPX are proud to honor the memory of Jeff Alexander by launching an annual benefit auction in his name at this year’s convention. Jeff Alexander was a friend to the small press community, both as a cartoonist and an organizer of SPX and the Ignatz Awards. He passed away earlier this year.

The first annual Jeff Alexander Memorial Benefit Auction includes pieces from Jeff’s collection that he donated to the CBLDF, including original art by Charles Vess & Jeff Smith, Tony Millionaire, and Roger Langridge. The auction also includes contributions from the SPX community, including Keith Knight, Raina Telgemeier, Jeffrey Brown and many more.

Below is a full listing of items that will be available in the auction, which will happen this Saturday at 4:30 at SPX.  Internet bids will be received by emailing charles.brownstein@cbldf.org by Saturday afternoon at 1 PM ET.

Charles Vess – Bone Prequel: Rose page signed by Charles Vess and Jeff Smith
Tony Millionaire – Billy Hazelnuts page
Hannibal King – Eyes Only
Pete Sickman Garner – Hey Mister page
Roger Langridge – The Pest in the Vest . Homage to Dr Suess
Billy Tucci – Shi: Heaven and Earth, issue 4, page 25
Jeffrey Brown – CBLDF Year In Review page
Molly Crabapple Mermaid
Chynna Clugston Flores pin-up
Jonathan Ames & Dean Haspiel – Portrait of Ames screen print 5/5
Peter Bagge – Pizza Scholar pencil drawing
Camilla D’Errico – Caverns pin-up
Bill Morrison – Simpsons & Terry Moore pin-up
Jeffrey Brown – Emerald City Comic-Con ad original art
Ray Fawkes Painting
Roger Langridge – Gump Beach
Jim Mahfood & David Mack painting
Matt Madden – Shirin & Morgan playing pinball (Odds Off study) India ink and watercolor on sketchbook paper (11″ x 8 1/2″)
Jessica Abel – Clay, Nate Krusher, Junko, and Azteka reading comics, from Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, Chapter 1, India ink on bristol board (~8″ x 8″)
Roger Langridge – Knuckles The Malevolent Nun #1 Original art
Lisa Hanawalt – Genital Kicks — fully painted sneakers

Events at SPX to benefit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Roz Chast original cartoons

New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast, known for her single-panel cartoons, illustration work and children’s books, will draw and sell original cartoons at the SPX signing table. Proceeds will be divided equally between SPX’s new Graphic Novel Gift Program and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Pen and ink drawings will be $25 and watercolor drawings $50; Ms. Chast will be drawing on Saturday, 1:30-3:30PM and 5:00-6:30PM, and on Sunday from Noon-1:30PM. Additionally, books will be available for purchase at the signing table from our good friends at Politics & Prose.

Sara Varon Bake Sale Premiere!

Sara Varon will be signing at the CBLDF’s table signing her new book Bake Sale on Saturday from 3 PM to 5 PM!

Sara Varon returns with an ageless tale as dreamy and evocative as her break-out hit graphic novel Robot Dreams. At once deeply metaphorical and hilariously literal, Bake Sale is a story for anyone who’s ever looked for an easy answer to life’s intractable difficulties. It’s also a cookbook: Varon includes seven delicious recipes, from classic cupcakes to sugared flower petals to marzipan.

SPX 2011 happens Saturday Sep 10 and Sunday Sep 11 at the Bethesda North Marriott Convention Center, 5701 Marinelli Road, Bethesda, MD 20852.  For more info visit http://www.spxpo.com

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