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  SLG is the first in war, the first in peace and was one of the first to sell digital versions of their comics. Recently we announced that our comic book strategy had changed and that we were adapting a digital first policy for releasing comics, basically eliminating the notion of the serialized comic book.

Hey, we grew up on comics, so this one stings us as much as anyone, but there is no denying that gaining traction and readers for new, unproven creators in comics stores is almost impossible given the current state of affairs.

So, we hope you will support our growing stable and library of digital comics and the new talents we will be bringing to you in the coming months.

Sanctuary #3 cover
Sanctuary #3. Click image to order.

Sanctuary #3 by Stephen Coughlin
One of the island’s human researchers gets into trouble with his bosses as the tigers press their own investigation of the death of the panda.

Plus, talking gorillas and, well, a big shock at the end.

Sanctuary is one of our most-downloaded digital comics and is setting the bar very high for downloadable comics. This file is in ePub format and can be read on most ePub reader. This particular ePub has been formatted to look best on an iPad using iBooks. Will also look on any other iOS device using iBooks.

“Coughlin does an impressive job switching from humor to drama without
it being jarring or out of place. In fact, the entire tale is
impressive in its depth and complexity. I eagerly await the next issue
to find out more about what is going on.”
Evil Genius Comic Book Review

Available at the SLGCOMIC.COM store in drm free PDF, CBZ and ePub formats. Also available at Comixology for use on that service. Issue #1 is FREE in all of those places. Or, click the desired format below and download issue #1 straight to your computer right now!

Click here for PDF
Click here for CBZ
Click here for ePub.

List Price: 99¢

Hey Baby Shirt
Hey Baby Shirt by Gerry Alanguilan. Click Image to Order

Hey Baby Shirt by Gerry Alanguilan
Most of you know Gerry Alanguilan as the creator of the Eisner Award Nominated graphic novel Elmer. But what you may not know is that Gerry is also the star of a Youtube video which has been lovingly dubbed HEY BABY.

The video went viral of course and has now been viewed almost FOUR MILLION TIMES.

SLG created a small quantity of Hey Baby t-shirts for the 2011 Comic-Con International event at which Gerry was a guest of honor. Now you can own one of these nifty six color designs for your very own self and be part of the viral video revolution.

And if you haven’t seen this amazing piece of cinema, well, here it is in all its glory.

Hey, Baby! (Original Upload) by Komikero (clicking takes you to Youtube.
Hey, Baby! (Original Upload) by Komikero (clicking takes you to Youtube.

Our Price: $ 14.95
List Price: $19.95

Click Image to Order

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Statue
We are still soliciting order for our Pinocchio Vampire Slayer statue. Hurry because the cut-off date is October 31 and that is like right around the corner.

This will be a cool collectible for both fans of the series and fans of cool statues..

Our Price:$ 189.99
List Price: $ 250