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Around the Tubes

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It’s a pretty quiet weekend, while we’re at the 2011 Small Press Expo.  Here’s the news while we shake hands and chat with folks in Bethesda, MD.

Around the Blogs:

The Mary Sue – So, As It Turns Out, That Comics Retailer Who Boycotted Action Comics Just Wanted Attention – What’s up with the trend of retailers being assholes to get news?  And how do we stop this?

Con Coverage:

Fantagraphic Bools – Jaime Hernandez wins the Ignatz for Outstanding Story!

The Washington Post – SPX 2011: Through his interviews, G.B. TRAN constructs an especially compelling ‘Vietnamerica’

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Blogcritics – The Infinite Kung Fu

Blogcritics – Other People’s Heroes

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