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What’s going on at Small Press Expo This Weekend!

Official Press Release

What: SPX EXPO North America’s Premiere Independent Cartooning and Comic Arts Festival.

When: September 10th and 11th 2011
Where: Bethesda North Marriot Convention Center

1. Jonathan Baylis and So Buttons #4 (C11a Booth Location) 
So Buttons #4
is releasing AT SPX! Autobiographical story telling at it’s finest. With love, life and humor Baylis writes heartfelt stories and allows some of the best indy artists out there translate the story artistically.  The new issue contains artwork from Noah Van Sciver (Fantagraphics), Fred Hembeck (Marvel), Thomas Boatwright (Slave Labor Graphics), T.J. Kirsch (She Died in Terrebonne), and many others.

2. A Wave Blue World (F7 Booth Location)

American Terrorist will be debuting at the New York Comic Con in less then 2 months and they are giving fans a sneak peek of the book at Small Press Expo.  Sketchbooks will be on hand for purchase and the creators will be available for signings!

Description of book: Angered and frustrated with the current system, four American citizens adopt extreme tactics in order to expose and combat the injustices, corruption, greed, inequality they feel are ruining their nation. Investigative reported Owen Graham, public school teacher Hannah Bloom, civil rights lawyer Michael Clar, and EPA scientist Shannon Lim view themselves as activists, even patriots when they go to extreme measures to enact change in their country. They are labeled many things by others, including terrorists. A battle of perception is waged over the internet as they try to walk the line between political protest and violent uprising.

3. Red Stylo Media’s “Spot the Tee” Contest. (No booth floating the floor) 

Head of Red Stylo Media “Enrica Jang” will be walking the floor wearing a Red Stylo Media tshirt. Anyone who spots the Tee and tweets to @red_stylo will get a free AZTECA poster and a coupon for 25% off any Red Stylo Media title!

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