Brian Bendis Talks Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck and Spider-Man

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On John Siuntres’ World Balloon, Brian Michael Bendis discusses the right wing spreading false rumors about the Ultimate Spider-Man relaunch.  He had this to say about Miles Morales and the rumor that he was gay:

The one thing that came out there, I feel, and the reason I haven’t mentioned it, I just feel weird denying the rumour as if there’s something wrong with the rumour, is that  that he’s gay.

Listen it was on the Drudge Report as a headline, for days. Someone in England wrote this as a headline, because Sara had said, and I agree but she said it in broken English so it was somehow misconstrued even though it was clear as day, said “I just want to live in a world where it doesn’t matter if you’re black or gay, you’re just a hero” and that’s where we’re headed and this is how you get there. That’s what she said, that’;s what she meant. She never said he’s gay, she never said it, I never said, it Tom never said it, Joe never said it Axel never said it in the hundreds of interviews we did over that course in of the week. The headline on Drudge Report was “He’s Black.. And Gay..” Because she said the word gay in a sentence, he’s somehow gay. Drudge Report’s an idiot and I just let it go. Everything on that site I read and go what world is he living in, he lives in some word where you say black and he hears gay…”

Glenn Beck also claimed that Michelle Obama was behind the change.  Here’s what he had to say about that:

“I’m not joking around, I can’t think of a better thing that’s happened in my life, in my career, like obviously my family, but in my career that may be the best thing that’s ever happened. I swear was happier about that for a longer period of time than anything that’s happened in my life. I really, that was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t like him, not that he’s conservative, I do not care. He’s an idiot that babbles hateful nonsense that’s why I don’t like him. Some people on Twitter were going “oh the liberal boy”, I’m like well no, that’s not where my brain’s at. As a human, as a person, as an individual, he’s an idiot and he said idiot shit and he said something truly idiotic including that the current comics are stupid but had to spend ten minutes on. I absolutely adored every word that came out of his mouth”

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the hat tip.