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Brimstone Issue #2

Brian McCarthy & Michael Lent (W)
Cover A by Stjepan Sejic
Cover B by Mike DeBalfo

The Viper and his posse discover a vault piled high with gold but guarded by a dying man armed for Armageddon. He draws his last breath with only a single word of warning: “Run!” There is something out there, watching and waiting… and it’s hunger is growing stronger. 28 Days Later collides with the Old West in the newest action/ horror series from Zenescope Entertainment!

32 pgs, FC, $3.25

Brimstone Issue #3- Shadows of the Dead

Brian McCarthy & Michael Lent (W)
Hyunsang Michael Cho (P)
Cover A Eric Basaldua
Cover B Marat Mychaels

After surviving a night of unliving hell in Brimstone, Victor and the remaining mercenaries emerge, guns at the ready, to fight the supernatural forces that attacked them. Annabelle, the sole survivor of the camp warns that the must all get out of town now or die. But the hardened mercenaries have their eyes set on mountains of gold and won’t be easily swayed. But something awaits them in the shadows and it hungers for their flesh. 28 Days Later meets Tombstone in this wild supernatural action series from Zenescope!

32 pgs, FC, $3.25

Brimstone Issue #4: River of Black Blood

Brian McCarthy & Michael Lent (W)
Hyunsang Michael Cho (A)
Cover A Anthony Spay

The Viper leads a trio into the darkness where armies of flesh-walkers will ambush them amid gleaming caverns of gold. Their escape is nothing short of miraculous, but the three do not go unscathed. When the mine entrance is blasted and sealed against the undead hordes, the Viper is nearly blown to bits following a double-cross. Celebration of the trio’s successful return to Brimstone is short lived as one of the trio becomes infected.

32 pgs, FC, $3.25

Charmed Issue #12

Paul Ruditis (W)
Marcio Abreu (A)
Cover A David Seidman
Photo Cover B

The Charmed Ones and Leo face down impossible challenges in a battle to reclaim the Heavens, conquer the Underworld, and save the Earth. It’s a fight that’s been brewing since long before the prophecy of The Charmed Ones was foreseen and building since the first issue of the comic book. When this battle ends the Charmed universe may never look the same!

32 pgs, FC, $3.50

Fly Issue #2

Raven Gregory (W) Eric J (P)
Cover A Amanda Conner
Cover B Darick Robertson
Cover C Eric J
Cover D Ale Garza

If your fix on superheroes isn’t being whetted by the Big Two, take a taste of Raven Gregory’s FLY. One dose and you’ll be hooked. – Ain’t it Cool News

As a teenager Eddie Patron had thought he’d seen it all. That is until his nerdy friend Francis Keiser introduced him to the drug FLY. Now the sky’s the limit and Eddie is about to be introduced to a whole new world. A world that is not without its consequences. From the mind of the writer of Image Comics THE GIFT, Zenescopes WONDERLAND TRILOGY and THE WAKING comes Raven Gregory’s latest tale of suspense set in a world where superheroes aren’t really heroes at all… How far would you go to FLY?

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Fly Issue #3

Raven Gregory (W) Eric J (A)
Cover A Eric Basaldua
Cover B Darick Robertson
Cover C Eric J

“Written with brutality and mystery fly is a saga that shouldn’t be missed.” – IGN

Eddie’s world begins to unravel as his choices have come back to haunt him. With blood on his hands, Eddie tries to find some semblance of a normal life but finds that is easier said then done. Meanwhile, the mysterious super-powered being unleashes a terrifying vengeance that will change Francis’s life forever.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales Issue #61

James Patrick (W)
Cover A by Fan Yang
Cover by B Caio Cacau

Obsessed with revenge, Gruel has transformed himself into something he can never come back from. And this is bad news for everyone in Tallus. As Sela and Druanna make one last stand to save the city, two Grimm Fairy Tale’s characters make decisions that will change their destinies for ever.

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Fairy Tales #62

Joe Brusha (W) James Patrick (W) Shamus Beyale (P)
Cover A Marat Mychaels

The hit series you’ve followed for over 5 years continues as danger continues to escalate! The city of Tallus has been destroyed and Sela and her companions lay beneath the body of the slain Shadow Dragon….whether alive or dead remains to be seen. Even if they have survived they still save Orcus to contend with. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the Mother Nature story arc!

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Grimm Myths & Legends Issue #7- The Dream Eater Saga Part 7

Raven Gregory (W) David Miller (P)
Cover A Eric Basaldua

The amazing Dream Eater crossover event continues! Evil and good team up as Baba Yaga and Samantha go in search of the one weapon that might give them a chance at defeating the Dream Eater. But not only is the weapon in a different dimension, it’s in a different time and letting there will only be half the battle. The Dream Eater is coming for everyone and there is little time to stop him. Don’t miss part 7 of the incredible Grimm Fairy Tales crossover event!

32 pgs, FC, $2.99

Monster Hunters’ Survival Guide Case Files: Sasquatch

Joe Brusha (W)
Cover A by Al Rio
Cover B by Pasquale Qualano

Monster Hunter JP Russ has faced down hundreds of monsters in his career. But in the Pacific Northwest he may have finally met his match as he comes up against the most famous monster of them all…Sasquatch. Russ is in a race against time as he investigates the disappearance of campers from Mt. Hood National Park and the trail is fresh with 15” footprints that only one creature can make. From the case files of renowned monster hunter himself. Retailer Note: This book is formatted as a traditional four color comic.

48 pgs, FC, $4.99

Salem’s Daughter One-Shot- The Dream Eater Saga Part 6

Raven Gregory (W)
Cover A Ale Garza
Cover B Pasquale Qualano

The amazing Dream Eater crossover event continues! Braden and Anna investigate a mysterious occurrence in a small Delaware town as residents are ravaged by a sickness that turns them old and kills them within hours. Only a few are not affected and Anna knows that something evil is at work. Now as Braden becomes infected, Anna must figure out a way to save him before he too falls victim! Part 6 of the incredible Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater crossover event is here and includes 40 pages of content!

40 pgs, FC, $3.99

Sinbad One-Shot- The Dream Eater Saga Part 8

Raven Gregory (W)
Cover A Eric Basaldua
Cover B Ale Garza

The amazing Dream Eater crossover event continues! Sinbad and his crew come face to face with Baba Yaga as she enters their realm to find the mysterious weapon that might be able to stop the Dream Eater. What is this powerful weapon and what tragic ties does it have to one of the most evil villains the Grimm Universe has ever seen? Part 8 of the incredible Grimm Fairy Tales Dream Eater crossover event is here and includes 40 pages of content!

40 pgs, FC, $2.99

Tales From Neverland Issue #2 Tiger Lily

Joe Brusha (W)
Cover A Tim Seeley/Studio Cirque
Cover B Nei Ruffino

The Daughter of a chief…a princess and the future ruler of her tribe, Tiger Lily was once one of the most powerful people in all of Neverland. Then she fell under the spell of the new and mysterious stranger known as Pan. Seduced and tricked by his lies, she fell from her tribe and her father’s favor. To regain her honor and prove that she is not aligned with Pan and his evil plans, Tiger Lily must face and defeat him…and she must do it alone.
32 pgs, FC, $3.99

Tales From Neverland Issue #3

Joe Brusha (W)
Raven Gregory (W)
Connecting Covers A & B by Franchesco

Neverland is filled with mysterious and deadly creatures but none more dangerous than the monster crocs that inhabit its seas and waterways. Many natives have fallen prey to these deadly predators and facing one alone in its natural habitat is suicide. But that’s exactly what Pan aims to do to earn the respect of the tribes that inhabit his new found home. His reward is a seat on the throne of Neverland…if he can survive to claim it.

32 pgs, FC, $3.99