SDCC 2011 Wednesday Wrap Up

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I have to say, San Diego Comic-Con lives up to the hype.  Much of Wednesday was filled with me loafing around soaking in my surroundings while waiting for the convention hall doors to open up, but you could feel the excitement of the crowd as they got pumped to enter the doors.

The convention hall is huge, and what we have on display at YouTube and Flickr is just a small portion of what’s going on.  The next couple of days, I’ll do my best to really get some photos and video so you can soak up the sites and sound of the convention.

First thoughts:

  1. Next year, getting my hotel early.  This year I’m a bit far out, but I was disadvantaged with a late start of being accepted as press.  Next year, the first chance I get, I’ll grab a hotel closer.
  2. There’s tons going on here, just too much for one person to cover.
  3. RC Aradio in the house!  An old friend and comic book artist/writer is in Artist’s Alley.  Expect to see more of him.
  4. Boom! Studios is a beyond nice group of folks.  Great to work with.
  5. Top Cow also gets the tip of the hat, always friendly and welcoming.
  6. I’m a bit of a spaz at times as writer Drew Gaska learned.
  7. SDCC is more than just comics, tonight I got to see the movie The Devil’s Double, which we’ll have a review of.
  8. Frag Doll Cadettes are cute, friendly and very upbeat.  Any in the DC area? (ahem folks I know…)
  9. Lots and lots of free stuff.
  10. None of the con exclusives really blow me away that I need to get.
  11. Looks like I need to start buying Legos again.

That’s it for now.  But check out the next few articles with photos from the show and some announcements!

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