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Boom! Studios Gets Personal With the Latest Email Ask

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Email is one area that the entire comic book industry is lagging behind, so I paused and read the below message sent today by Boom! Studios‘ Chip “Cuddles” Mosher  The email comes of personal and is a very good “ask” and this is coming from someone who writes emails professionally for organizations and campaigns.  You can read the full email below, but kudos for changing it up from the normal newsletter.

The email began with the awesome subject, “BOOM! Studios needs a favor from you.”

To all our BOOM! Studios/KABOOM! Newsletter Subscribers,

As I am sure you have read, sales for comics are down this year from last. So I wanted to ask you all to do me a favor… and that is to make sure you are pre-ordering your books from your local comic shop or online retailer. If you don’t have a subscription or pull list, and you are a comics fan, please take the time to work with your local comic shop to get one. By pre-ordering your comics with your local retailer you make it easier for them to know what to order for their store and run their business better. This isn’t just true for BOOM! Studios comics and trades, but for every publisher and every store. It’s just a very helpful thing to do!

Selfishly, I want to let you know about a comic book from us that you should definitely be pre-ordering! Roger Langridge’s SNARKED (Diamond Code of JUN110963) debuts this August with a #0 issue for only $1.  You might have fallen in love with Roger’s cartooning on his Harvey Award-winning THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK series that we published over the past two years or his writing on THOR:THE MIGHTY AVENGER, which was a fan-favorite this past year from our friends at Marvel. Below, I’m going to give you a chance to see some preview pages and read some of the advanced reviews that we have gotten on this title, if you haven’t seen them already. I could tell you more about the book, but I’d rather you just experience the pure joy of Roger’s work below. The advance buzz on this book is great and I don’t want you to miss out.

So when you go to your local comic shop today, or later in the week, make sure you have a subscription or pull list at the store. And if you are so inclined, put SNARKED #0 (Diamond Code of JUN110963) on that new list or the list you currently have. It’s only a buck, so you won’t regret it. (SNARKED #1 will be coming out this October.) Making sure you have a subscription or pull list at your local comic shop is just the right thing to do these days – whether you put SNARKED on it or not. But I am the Marketing and Sales Director here at BOOM!, so you’ll have to forgive me for trying to sell you on SNARKED! :P

Here are the pages and advanced reviews I’ve promised:

“A Must Buy… Langridge has created another comic book classic.” — MTV GEEK!

“…you’d be doing yourself a favor to check out Roger Langridge’s latest project, Snarked.” – IGN

“…it is your duty to drop a dollar on this glorious publication and spread the good word.” – Comic Book Resources

“Langridge has succeeded… in not only making an enjoyable comic but making one in which his story is both an original creation and true to its roots.” – ROBOT 6

All The Best,

Chip “Cuddles” Mosher
Marketing and Sales Director
BOOM! Studios

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