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My Comic Shop DocumentARy Trailer

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One of the fond memories I have is working in a comic book shop during high school and college. The stories from my time being a counter jockey are numerous and most are entertaining, and if I could of made of living out of it, I probably would have continued. Filmmaker Anthony Desiato found it fascinating too and decided to make a documentary My Comic Shop DocumentARy which explores Alternate Realities Comics in Scarsdale, NY and its owner, Steve Oto.

In 1992, one man embarked upon a journey from lawyer to comic book retailer. It has been a journey filled with accomplishment and disappointment, friendship and heartbreak…and a dream that would become a nightmare. “My Comic Shop DocumentARy” is an independent, feature-length film shining a light on the colorful community that calls one New York comic shop home.

I can’t wait to see it.

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