Review – Freakshow #2

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Freakshow #2I loved the first issue of the series, and it was going to be tough for Freakshow #2 to hold up and match that quality.  It absolutely does.  The second issue of the series picks up where the first ended.  The series is a mix of horror and action, with heroes that aren’t what you expected.  Written by David Server and Jackson Lanzing with art by Joe Suitor the story is a series you probably aren’t reading, but need to give it a chance.

Ape Entertainment’s long-awaited dark superhero epic launches with a giant-sized debut issue! When five refugee survivors develop monstrous mutations from a devastating chemical explosion that leaves their city in ruins, they band together to seek revenge. But do these terrifying new abilities make them monsters — or heroes?

As I said in my first review, the series has more to share with a super hero comic than horror.  Yeah, the “heroes” are disfigured monsters, but they think they’re doing good.  It’s a great mix of story and mood.  The art is different, there’s just something about the look to it you don’t see often.  The line art, coloring, everything just pops to it.

I’m sure you haven’t read the first issue (even though I gave it a 9), but this is a series that deserves your dollar.  It’s a definite buy.

Plot:  I said it in the review of the first issue, this is a series I was expecting one thing, but got something totally different, in a good way.  I was expecting a horror comic, but instead I got disfigured heroes who’s looks are as interesting as their personalities.  They’re surrounded by a world I want to see more of.  I’m hoping once these three issues are up, this isn’t all we’ll be seeing of this world.  Rating: 9

Art:  Again, I said it in the first review, but the art fits the mood.  You can just feel the dirt and grime and the design of the characters is fantastic.  The colors, shading, it all pops off of the page.  This is art I want to see more off, just beyond solid.  Rating: 9

Overall:  This second issue is as solid as the first.  The mood, look, story are all solid and entertaining.  Again, I hark back to my first review, the story is pretty original, the art is fantastic, just a great example to show great work isn’t always put out by the big two.  A definite buy.  Overall rating: 9

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 35 pages    Price: $2.95     Release: 4/27/11

Ape Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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