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Vengeance Live Blog

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Marvel has been teasing it, but what is Vengeance?  We’ll be giving the scoop as we sift through the chatter of Marvel’s live blog going on now.

“If the Marvel Universe is burning in Fear Itself, this is these kids’ response.” -Nick Dragotta

  • The creative team is Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta.
  • The series starts in July and has six issues.
  • The series is an “exploration of villainy through the eyes of the next generation.”
  • Expect to see painted covers soon that’ll tip off who’s involved.
  • Marvel Editor Tom Brennan says they wanted to do a series that focused on the villains, “and naturally when it comes to pure evil Joe Casey comes to mind.” they’re exploring the nature of evil in the Marvel Universe, which has always been more complex than you might see in other comics. Marvel villains have strong motivations.
  • It’s a stand alone “side story” from Fear Itself.  It comments on what’s going on.
  • The bulk of the story takes place in the modern Marvel universe, there are just a lot of tangents they go on. Some of it takes place in the past in WWII. There are a lot of places to explore in the Marvel U, and hopefully they’ll hit on a lot of them.
  • The series will introduce a new Teen Brigade.
  • The title being Vengeance is a nod to Acts of Vengeance.

Covers for the series:

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