Four Charged With Comic Book Collector’s Murder

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In October, we brought you the news that four men were being investigated for the murder of Homer Marciniak, 77, after breaking into his Medina, New York home last July 5 to steal his comic book collection.  Rico J. Vendetti, 41, a Rochester businessman, was charged last year with hiring people to break into the home and steal the comics, but a federal grand jury has now indicted Vendetti and three other people for murder.  Arlene Combs, 26; Albert Parsons, 42; and Donald Griffin, 23 are being charged along with Vendetti.

All four could face mandatory life in prison if found guilty.  Vendetti and Combs also face previously filed charges of racketeering and witness-tampering, to which they have pleaded not guilty.

Police have said the thieves broke into the home in the early morning after cutting the phone lines.  When Marciniak surprised the thieves he was beaten up.  Marciniak was treated at a hospital and released.  After going home, he suffered a heart attack.

The comic book collection has an estimated value of $40,000.

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