The Future of Journalism Is . . . Comics?

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Are you heading to The National Conference for Media Reform?  Then you can check out the interesting panel “The Future of Journalism Is . . . Comics?“.  Panelists include Matt Bors, Susie Cagle, Sarah Jaffe, Erin Polgreen and Ronald Wimberly.  The conference is April 8-10 in Boston and the panel is April 9 at 9 am.  Below is the description of the panel:

Comics are used in a variety of ways. They have the ability to create worlds on a page; they cost less than a film or TV crew; and they blend storytelling with images seamlessly in a way that even the best photographs can’t do. This session explores what we can do with comics to make journalism that is immersive, informative and engaging. We’ll talk to artists, journalists and writers who have used comics to effectively tell complicated stories. We’ll also discuss how creative nonfiction can have an impact on policies to create a better world. Who knows … maybe we’ll even create our own comics journalism, right here. Bring pencils and paper!

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