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VCU is going to the Final Four.  That’s be a college basketball thing for folks out there not in the know.  The team didn’t even pay attention to the seeding and took out the number one ranked Kansas.  Congrats!  On to this weekend comic book news.

Around the Blogs:

Bleeding Cool – Racebending With The X-Men – Do these products give you super powers too?

Comicvine – Breaking: Amy Adams to play Lois Lane – That’s a good looking cast.

Kotaku – Sunday Comics – Kotaku wraps up what they consider the best of webcomics.

Around the Tubes Reviews:

Good Comic Books – Ultimate Spiderman #156

Choice Quotes:

Osbron #4

Norman Osborn – Politics.  The struggle for power.  It always comes back to politics.  And these people, my people, their lives are the casualties of that struggle.


Norman Osborn – Gray, green or blue — if they were born on American soil, those little devils have rights!

Almost American