Another Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Injury

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Spider-man Turn Off the DarkWhat will it take for someone to pull the plug on this disaster?  T.V. Carpio who took over as Arachne in Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was injured during a battle scene and will be out for the next two weeks.  While the extent of the injury wasn’t disclosed, it occurred on March 16.  An understudy will take over the part while Carpio recovers.

The injury occurred in a scene that involved a confrontation between Peter Parker and Arachne and involved hand-to-hand fighting.

This is the fifth injury during the musical and the original Arachne Natalie Mendoza suffered a concussion during the first preview performance.  She later bowed out.

On top of injuries the musical (reportedly costing upwards of $70 million) has been plagued by issues.  There’s been recent leadership changes, including the sacking of original director Julie Taymor.  Additional people have been brought in to improve the music, script and well, everything.

The show will go on hiatus for three weeks from April 19 to May 11 so the actors can get used to the changes.  Despite the issues the show continues to be popular and earned $1.4 million last week coming in third.