Review – Lucid #4

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Lucid 004 CoverAnd that’s a wrap for this first story arc of the series.  Lucid #4 is a satisfying ending to the series, it has some faults, but generally it’s a solid ending and overall entertaining series.  Writer Michael McMillian has pulled it off quite well in this strange mix of magic and the real world.

The first LUCID miniseries comes to a shocking climax as Agent Matthew Dee and Wren confront the New Pendragon! Can they stop his terrible kingdom from rising before it is too late? What insane new weapon threatens mage-kind? What does fate hold in store for President Monday? What horrible secret lurks in the bowels of Tintagel Castle? And just what is up with Matthew’s girlfriend? Don’t miss the spectacular conclusion!

The story was cool and there was definitely some cool stuff like the attempted assassination.  The end has some twists to it (and a few seemed jammed in), and my only complaint was I got some characters mixed up and one’s recovery just happens with no explanation or mention.  But, overall entertaining and fun.

I liked the series as a whole.  The idea of the government having this agency of magic was cool, and overall I’d like the series turn more into a magic FBI or Secret Service.  I think there’s lots of material to mine there and could make for a great follow up.  But, for a first spin out, the work is solid fun.

Plot: McMillian has put together a nice first story arc.  The ending feels a bit rushed and some plot points are forced in there, but overall the final issue and series as a whole is entertaining stuff.  There’s some great directions it can go, and hopefully we see a second volume.  Rating: 8

Art: Anna Wieszcyk has an interesting style and one I like.  It reminds me a bit of the anime movie Golgo 13, I like it a lot.  The use of panels could be a bit more creative, but it’s solid otherwise.  It feels right for the series.  There are some issues with characters looking a bit like each other and getting them mixed up, but the design is solid otherwise.  Rating: 8

Overall: The series was fun.  The downside to it was in four issues it felt rushed and some of the plot points seemed forced in.  The art is consistent and solid and writing and characters entertaining.  A really good first volume that leaves the future wide open.  Here’s hoping for a second volume.  Rating: 8

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 24 pages    Price: $3.95     Release: 3/2/11

Archaia provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.