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Review – Bomb Queen VI #4

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Bomb Queen VI #4I could take this entire review and make bomb jokes, but this issue is an example of some of the worst when it comes to comics.  It’s violent for violent sake.  It’s over the top, when it doesn’t have to be.  And the worst thing is, it could have been pretty deft political commentary.  Bomb Queen VI #4 is a big stinking turd bomb.

President Obama believes he can finally beat the scandalous Bomb Queen, but our favorite super villain is ready to show the world the TRUE meaning of darkest evil. Don’t miss this world-altering conclusion to Bomb Queen vs. Obama where nobody is safe and rivers of blood will flow in the streets.

The solicitation for the comic holds a retailer warning, but really the warning should be how bad the comic is.  It has nothing to add, nothing to say other than gratuitous violence, sexuality and a whole lot more I’d like to forget.

I could go on about what I hated in this one issue.  But it’s a pass on such a level that I want to forget what I’ve read, and hope I’m not subjected to any more.

Plot: Jimmie Robinson does double duty as far as writing and art.  The story basically has a super villain who has it out for Barack Obama.  The violence is unrealistic to the point it took me out of it.  The things inflicted upon Obama seems to come from a writer who has nothing but contempt for the President.  This is just trash writing at it’s worst.  Rating: 3

Art: Robinson’s art is a step up from the writing.  I can’t say it blew me away, but some of it is decent.  There were nipple slips that aren’t needed among other numerous issues, but the writing and plot is so horrible the art is the least of which you’ll notice.  Rating: 7

Overall: Utter crap, run far, far away.  Overall rating: 4

Recommendation: Pass

Page count: 32 pages    Price: $3.50     Release: 2/2/11

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.

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