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Health Care Policy Explained in Comic Books

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Jonathan GruberJonathan Gruber is a MIT economist and adviser to President Obama.  Gruber was also part of President Obama’s health care reform.  He was convinced, particularly by his 16 year old son, to attempt to explain the rather complex health care law through comic books.  But this avenue is also giving him the opportunity to defend the law from the “ugly, evil rhetoric.”  Saying that when people are explained the law they like it.

Gruber is experienced in health care law.  He worked with former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney on Massachusetts’ 2006 health care law which was an influence on the national law.  He has also worked as an adviser to Obama and serves on the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority Board, which oversees the state law.

The book, due to hit the shelves in September, is being published by Hill & Wang, a subsidiary of Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

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